if you’ve been nursing a grudge against america ferrara since high school drama club, you’re probably feeling pretty chipper about this*

425_ugly_betty_lohan_ferrera_050608-300x222 In their continuing crusade to eliminate anything that’s at all interesting or unique from their channel, ABC has “benched” one of their signature shows, Ugly Betty, to make room for some sitcom starring the drunken faghag from Will & Grace.

Actually, while this probably would have really upset me last season, this season has kind of both sucked and blowed. I don’t know if the writers’ 401(k)’s cratered and this is their way of lashing out or what, but the show has crossed the line from biting humor to outright meanness. They aren’t laughing with so-called ugly people and women and gays, they’re laughing at them. Jacob from Television Without Pity aptly sums up the most recent character developments:

Basically: if you want anything, do anything, have any skills or abilities for which you think you should be compensated with a career and a place to live, you’re an asshole. Particularly if you’re a woman. If you’re a woman, you might as well just climb in bed with your parents and never leave, because if you do anything else, you’re disgusting. Oh, and if you’re a woman with any kind of business savvy at all, you probably will completely lose your mind and start acting like you’re on meth the first time you see a dick.

Worse, the main arc this season is some horribly over-contrived bullshit plot wherein Betty is forced to “choose” between her career and her family; even though if her family was even worth considering this for a nanosecond, they wouldn’t ask her to give up her lifelong dream so she could like, hold her sister’s hand at the stupid re-opening party of her fucking home salon. No, really.

So here’s hoping the writers use the “benching” to get over whatever the hell is making them write this awful, rage-inducing misogynistic bilge and whip up some better scripts.

And so what if ABC has canceled Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, and Pushing Daisies? They still have awesome reality programming like The Bachelor; and totes original dramas like Grey’s Anatomy. (Ridiculously good-looking doctors who spend more time boning each other in supply closets than helping sick people? That’s never been done before!) The storyline this week involves some dude breaking his schlong. That’s quality teevee!

*I actually know someone who has. I sent her the link to cheer her up.


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