bento #66: japanese curry with shrimp


Last time I made Japanese curry I used Vermont brand mix, and I thought the results were a little insipid. This time I tried Golden, Japan’s best-selling brand. I can see why, it definately has a better, more complex flavor. Like Vermont, it’s not a powder but a compressed paste that’s a littler harder than butter and a little softer than baking chocolate. You break it into pieces (it comes in a segmented bar, like a Hershey bar), and dissolve it in the pot after you’ve simmered the veggies and meat. It will thicken nicely after a few minutes of stirring, and a little more once it stands for a bit.

Although the package claimed to be “med. hot”, Japanese curry tends to be more sweet, with the flavor of apples and honey, than hot. Or maybe they just don’t make it hot on its own so that everyone can adjust it to their own taste? Either way, I added a little extra cayenne pepper to give it some heat.

  • Steamed rice and Japanese curry with shrimp. Also a hardboiled egg, because it never hurts to have a little more protein.
  • Carrot & celery sticks (I had lots of both leftover from what I bought to put in the curry) with ranch dressing.
  • Tangerine.
  • Chocolate-orange cookies.

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