new year’s eve

Oh hey, I guess I did get some digital shots of the fam after all.


This dog, you guys, OMFG. I can’t even begin to explain how hilarious-yet-terrifying he made our New Year’s Eve. He lives in the neighborhood somewhere, but like most Cajun pets he runs around free all day and night. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Cajuns = WORST MOST IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS EVER.)

He wandered over as we were in the midst of our fireworks orgy, and at first it was all lighthearted fun as he trotted around receiving pats and picking up spent fireworks in his mouth. Then Jamie was like, “Okay, someone hold him so he doesn’t hurt himself while I light this bottle rocket”. So I held onto his collar, but he kept lunging and squirming, and I figured it was because he wanted to run AWAY from the exploding, sparking rockets, so I let him go.

WRONG. Someone tossed a lit groundflower out into the street and HE PICKED IT UP IN HIS MOUTH. We all screamed “WHITE DOG, NOOOOO!!!” and mercifully he dropped it before the fuse burned down.

So Jamie decided to chase him off, but he kept coming back and trying to maul the fireworks! And it was like he’d appear out of nowhere; someone would light something and all of a sudden he’d just BE there, lunging at it!

So I mean, yes it was hilarious; but we were also terrified he was going to blow his damn fool head off. David decided he must be suicidal.



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