gimme a clara bow, barber

centennial-bob 2009 is the centennial of one of history’s most iconic women’s hairstyles.

Let’s hear it for the bob! I’ve had lots of bobs off and on throughout my life — not to mention the bob’s slightly longer sister, the pageboy. At the moment I’m going through a long hair experiment, and I’m sure the only reason I haven’t given it up and hacked off several inches is because I finally found a conditioner that works to de-tangle my hair: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine.

It’s not expensive, it’s not made of panda tears or ground-up unicorn fetuses, and you can buy it in nearly any drugstore in North America. But it works for me better than anything else I’ve tried. A few years ago I tried to grow my hair out and I had to give it up because after shampooing it was an unbrushable thicket of brambles, no matter how much high-end conditioner I attempted to tame it with. I think I found Br’er Rabbit hiding in there once. But I’m sure that sooner or later I’ll go back to the bob. I always do, eventually.

One thing I will never give up (NEVAH!) are my bangs. Throughout my life I would occasionally grow them out, just for a change. But I always went back to them, and growing them out is such a pain that I eventually figured, why bother? And now they’re as much a part of who I am — and how I see myself — as my refusal to wear high heels or get a tan.


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