bye-bye betsy

I dropped my phone on the ‘rents tile floor on Christmas vacation, and at first I thought it was okay, but it’s been doing some decidedly weird things since then — most notably, burning through the $$$ I put on it (I hate cell phone contracts and do prepaid) at a furious rate. I bought it about 3 years ago, so of course whatever limited warranty it had (which probably wouldn’t have covered being dropped on a tile floor anyway) is long since expired.

I wanted to get another Virgin Mobile phone, so I could keep my same ridiculously easy to remember phone number, but they currently only have one phone that has both a web browser and a QWERTY keyboard (once you have a phone with one you can never go back), and it looks kind of chintzy. Plus I’m sick of the postage stamp-sized screens that all their phones have.

The timing sucks, because Virgin Mobile recently acquired Helio, and I’d love to get an Ocean. But so far you can’t get Helio’s phones with Virgin Mobile’s no-contract plans, and I couldn’t find any information as to when that might happen. It might be years from now; it might be next week.

So as much as it pains my soul to do it… I might be going with AT&T. But I refuse to sign a contract with those bloodsuckers — if I was willing to go that far, I’d just get a fucking iPhone — so it’s going to have to be a Go Phone.

pantech_c530_black_l The Pantech Slate is probably going to be my choice. It’s got all the features I want, and the screen is 2.2″. The screens on Virgin Mobile phones are under 1.5″ wide, and slightly less high. Bush league! Plus I researched it and it’s got almost universally excellent user reviews. My only minor complaint is that the camera is 1.3 megapixels, and 2.0 is pretty standard now so I don’t see why it couldn’t have a better camera. But I can count on my fingers the numbers of times I’ve used my cell phone camera instead of my Olympus, so it’s a small quibble. And my old phone has 1.3 mp, so it’s not like I’m giving anything up.

Are there any other reputable companies that offer no-contract, high quality phones? Virgin Mobile and AT&T are the only two that come to mind.


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  1. Jennifer
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 11:05:19

    Verizon does prepaid – and so far as I know, any Verizon phone will work with it… which you’d have to pay full price for of course. 😦

    And just a heads-up: don’t ever expect Virgin to stop trying to get you to come back. Six months out and I’m still getting pre-recorded phone calls.

    Really, I had no idea! And I don’t mind paying full price for a quality phone. *off to do more shoppin’ ’round*

    How does Virgin Mobile call you if they don’t have your new cell phone number? (I don’t have a land line.) -S.

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