stitching, asian holidays, & emotionally distant monarchs


First completion of 2009! I made a crafting resolution to do more embroidery (also to do one large needlepoint/tapestry project).

I think the pattern’s really cute, but the suggested colors are a little too garish for my taste. I got this in Louisiana, but it’s Bucilla and you can buy their stuff online. So I may give this away (perhaps to Granny, who enjoys bright colors), and make another pair for myself with more realistic colors. Black and red for the ladybugs, of course; maybe pale gold wings and a dark brown outline and body for the dragonflies. The butterflies I could do like monarchs, with orangey-yellow and dark purple.


I went to 99 Ranch on Saturday, they have all their Lunar New Year stuff out. It’s somewhat early this year, on January 26. I couldn’t resist buying this decoration, and some candy. Candied coconut and ginger, sesame cake, and pineapple candies that come in a GIANT GOLDEN PLASTIC PINEAPPLE. You know I’m keeping that.

I am such a shameless appropriator of other cultures.

I missed 99 Ranch when I was in Louisiana. I missed seeing all the labels in other languages — not just Chinese; but Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Hindi. I even missed the live seafood department and the inevitable tub of giant fish heads. Exactly how does one prepare and eat fish heads, anyway?

The Queen was for some reason playing all weekend on a couple of different channels. When I grow up, I want to be an emotionally distant monarch with a passel of well-behaved and adorable Corgis. Also, Prince Philip is kind of hilarious. I know I should hate him for being ridiculously out of touch and sheltered from the real world, but the crazy crap that comes out of his mouth (IRL, not just in the movie) just cracks me up.

Oh, and did anyone else catch the premiere of 24 last night? I usually only watch the premiere, then blow off the rest off the season (it’s gotten a little too fascist for me), but I just want to say: TONY ALMEIDA’S NOT DEAD! I FUCKING CALLED IT, BITCHES!!! See, he didn’t get the “silent clock” when he “died”. I always said, and I quote, “I’ll believe it when I see his rotting corpse”.

Ahem. I am way too excited over this.


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