quick & easy tilt-shift miniature faking

By now you’ve probably read about tilt-shift miniature faking, in which photos of real subjects are manipulated with Photoshop or another image editor to look like photographs of miniatures.

I love the execution, but don’t have access to any fancy-shmancy photo editing programs. But I figured eventually some enterprising soul would make it into a one-step (or nearly) process and set up a website. Wait no more!

Here are a couple I fired off this morning:


The perfection of this one is only marred by the telephone pole: You can tell it’s faked because the bottom is in focus but the top isn’t, even though both halves were the same distance from the camera lens.


This one would have worked better if I could have just widened the area to be in focus a leeetle more, to encompass both stories of the house. And I think it works better when the in-focus objects are at the forefront, rather than the background.

I foresee a lot of time wasted at this website.


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