shorter* sameer reddy: “fannypacks will destroy western civilization”


The only thing that came up when I image Googled "Sameer Reddy" was a Bollywood actress named "Sameera Reddy", but here's what I imagine him to look like.

American tourists who dress comfortably are a national disgrace. I always tour in a cut-away swallowtail tux, silk top hat, and a monocle. Except at the beach — then I allow myself the comfort of a 3-piece handmade Italian suit and Gucci loafers.

It bears repeating what Tatiana at Jezebel said when she took this smug, condescending piece of shit down: Mad Men is a fucking television show — produced now, and not in the decade which it takes place — and therefore is not “proof” of anything. It’s telling that the people who write these scolding articles that reek of sexism and classism — Fat people suck! Women are stupid! — always have to fall back on teevee fantasy to “prove” their assertions.

*”Shorter” concept stolen from Sadly, No!


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