hello, my name is awkward

mban166l There’s a reason why I can’t dump Jezebel off my blogroll, even though they comment-disabled my account because one of their editors is a tightassed crybaby. And this article about returning compliments is a pretty good example of why not.

What is the right thing to say, when another woman tells you she likes something you’re wearing? Is thanking her and telling her where you got it enough? Or is that rude? Does a compliment always have to be returned?

This is the kind of thing that makes me think girls are handed out some kind of instruction manuel when they hit puberty, and someone neglected to give me mine. Because I literally had no idea that compliments were meant to be returned. My standard answer was always “Thanks!”, and to share where I got whatever I’m being complimented on. Have I been committing a terrible faux pas all these years?

Does this come as a shocking revelation to anyone else, or am I really that much of a social retard? I don’t return compliments because I’ve never expected them to be returned to me. If I say your new haircut looks cute, all it means is that I think your new haircut looks cute; not that I want or need you to say you like my shoes.

Great, for the rest of my life I’m never going to be able to take a compliment at face value ever again. I’m always going to think they don’t really like my *fill in the blank*; they’re just fishing for a return compliment.


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  1. Jennifer
    Jan 07, 2009 @ 16:44:57

    If a compliment has to be returned, it’s not a compliment.

    Sure, sometimes I return them. Depends on the situation. But “thank you” is always the correct response.

    That’s my thinking as well: that if they were just fishing for a return compliment, what they said isn’t really a compliment. It just comes as a shock to me that apparently there’s this widespread belief that you should return them that I was totally unaware of. Social retards don’t know they’re socially retarded! -S.

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