scenic downtown abbeville

I don’t want to be like one of those tedious fucks that has a dinner party just to make everyone look at the 197 reels of slides fron her trip to SeaWorld. I’ll just post a representive few here, and you can go view the rest yourself if you’re inclined.


This is my favorite SuperSampler shot so far, although I have another roll still in the camera that I can’t develop until it’s used up.


This is the outside of Black’s Restaurant. It used to be the best in town when I was a kid, and my grandparents would always take us there for stuffed crabs on the last day of our visit. Sadly, it kind of sucks nowadays (new management), but the building is still pretty.


This is the front of the building from the SuperSampler shot. Apparently the Age of the Automobile came to an end around the time I was in 5th grade.


This is St. Mary Magdalen church, which is across the street from Black’s. Downtown Abbeville isn’t very big.


Buildings never get this old in the Bay Area. This would have been torn down to make way for something new decades ago here.


Shot of the skyline with some old neon signs that I like.

Here’s the entire set of my shots from Abbeville. I also shot a lot with the Diana, but who knows how long it will take me to get those processed and scanned. I’m still trying to find a place that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. (Turns out the place I thought could do it doesn’t work with 120 film after all.)


This is the Konriko rice mill in New Iberia. We went there after the Rosary House because they have an old general store that’s kind of neat.

Here’s the rest of that set. It’s not actually THAT interesting, I’m just really fascinated by old buildings entirely covered in corrugated metal. You don’t really see that here, except for garden sheds and quonset huts.


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