shorter bill cunningham

Bill Cunningham gives America's poor the one-fingered salute

Bill Cunningham gives America's poor the one-fingered salute

Actually, make that verbatim Bill Cunningham:

People are poor in America not because they lack money, but because they lack values, morals, and ethics.

Isn’t it funny how the only form of Darwinism these assholes embrace is Social Darwinism?

Later in the same broadcast, he mocked poor people for being fat. Apparently Bill thinks that instead of subsisting on cheap and affordable — but nutritionally poor — junk and processed foods, America’s poor should just go hungry, so as not to offend his delicate sensibilities with their unsightly flab.

Yes Bill, poor people in developing nations tend to be underweight. That’s not because they are more noble than America’s poor, who you seem to think are gluttons totally lacking in willpower who can’t wait to turn all their foodstamps into Twinkies. It’s because India and Ethiopia don’t have a McDonalds on every corner in their ghettos.

You know, we on the left have our scolds, too. The one most often invoked by liberal apologists is Michael Moore. Granted, he did go off the rails a little bit at the end of Sicko, when he seemed to suggest that Cuba was a land where Interferon flowed in the streets. (Party hacks get great medical care there. Normal folk, not so much. And although Cuba has excellent medical training, that can only partially make up for the fact that their doctors are working with equipment that’s at least 3 decades out of date.)

I think we’re also supposed to be embarassed by him because he’s overweight and sometimes sloppily dressed. But as a fat chick who can’t always be arsed to be nattily attired, I can’t really get behind that one.

But his central premise — that a shocking amount of American citizens totally lack health insurance, and that other capitalist democracies manage to provide universal healthcare without their goverments and societies collapsing — isn’t wrong.

Moore at his most sensationalistic is never as hateful, simplistic, and just plain wrong as the typical conservative blowhard such as Bill Cunningham.


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