if i was one of those suckers who bought a “permanent” account last month, i’d be PISSED right about now

oh-noes-on-fireI was going to renew my paid LiveJournal account for another 6 months this week, but it’s starting to look like I shouldn’t bother.

My LiveJournal has been friends-only practically from the start, but almost everything I post there gets cross-posted here. I’m certainly not shy about airing the fact that I am an atheist, feminist, childfree, baby-killin’, coffee-sippin’, bicycle-ridin’ left coast liberal wacko. I’m pretty sure my family and co-workers know that by now.

The only real privacy I need is for occasional kvetching about my family or job, because I know family members read this one; for all I know, so do co-workers. Anyway, it seems like I don’t gripe about work nearly as much as I used to. I guess I’m just grateful to be employed at all right now.

So anyway, I’m not panicing… but a world without eljay still seems weird to contemplate. I would miss the built-in audience (who are more likely to comment than strangers wandering by my public blog) I have there, and the nested comments.


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  1. Kristine
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 19:51:53

    I’m soooo upset about it! I don’t know how to export my entries over to here. I have already utilized the LJ Archive feature for the comments and entries. BUTTTT, how do you now export them into wordpress? I’m not a coder and don’t understand when people start talking XML. :

    I’ve no idea how to or even if one can do that; I wasn’t and am not interested in exporting my LJ into this blog, so I never tried to find out. You’ll have to poke around WordPress and find out for yourself. -S.

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