anderson cooper hosts the puppedential debates for TDS

I can’t embed the video, because Comedy Central won’t allow their videos on YouTube, and WordPress doesn’t allow embedding from Comedy Central’s site. Sigh. But if there is anything cuter than Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, and a room full of puppies, I probably shouldn’t witness it, lest I lapse into a diabetic coma from the sweetness.

The best part is definately Cooper getting mock-angry at a “Code Pup” protester and its “puppy-based agenda” (“Rags, do not engage Code Pup!”); then ordering “Get this bitch off the stage”.

We watched Andy Coops and Kathy Griffin on CNN on New Year’s Eve, and did anyone else hear her snap “I don’t come down to your job and slap the dick outta your mouth” at a (I’m assuming) heckler right as they were cutting to a commercial? Oops! I thought my brother was going to hemorrhage, he was laughing so hard.

Mom said she thought he’d come out of the closet (not that he’s really in it), but it seems like I would have heard if he had. Whatever, I didn’t get the memo that says I’m not allowed to find him cute or charming because he prefers dick over pussy. I mean, I do too, so who am I to judge?


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