let the photo entries begin!

Okay, let’s get the boring ones out of the way first. These are just some photos I took around the house and town.

BTW, although you won’t see any photos of my family members here, it’s not that I didn’t take any. It’s just that I took them all with the Instax, which takes excellent candids. I got some great ones, but since the only scanner I have access to isn’t color, I’ve no real good way to share them.



The reason why totally insane fireworks are still legal in most of southern Louisiana is because it does this for part of almost every day. Even if a bottle rocket landed on someone’s roof or a pile of dead leaves, it’s too wet for anything to catch fire.

This tree is on the ‘rents front lawn.


This is a commonplace sight in southwestern Louisiana, if the house is somewhat old. Slab foundations didn’t become common until the 1980s (and after Rita, they’re going to become less common), and moving a house off a raised foundation is a relatively easy task.

This one looks like it got damaged in one hurricane or another.


See all the black flecks in the sky? That’s “Cajun snow”: soot from the burning sugar cane fields. After they cut it, they burn out all the stubble.


All the black flecks on the driveway: More cane ash. They always burn it in December. Sometimes when I’m there in Christmas, if I blow my nose, it comes out black. Appetizing! It actually smells rather good, though.


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