blogger returns to internets; world responds with resounding “meh”

Even without adding new material, the tomb still averaged about 600 hits a day while I was gone. Not bad for a fatso.

And the question is: How far back do I bother to catch up on all the blogs and other sites I read? Because I’m sure as hell not going to read all 2 week’s worth. I think I’ll make a rule about only reading what shows up on the first page of any site.

Anyway, in spite of the total lack of presents; decorations; a tree; and all the other things that signify “Christmas” in our materialistic culture (and in spite of the requisite fight with my mother over something stupid — but that’s in the budget, so to speak, so no biggie), I had a fantastic time.

New things I did include riding the St. Charles streetcar through New Orleans’ Garden District; seeing the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Lafayette; and taking pictures of beat up old brick buildings with my various toy cameras.

Old favorite activities included setting off fireworks the likes of which one has not been able to privately purchase in California since Jerry Brown was governor; going to the Rosary House in New Iberia; and stuffing my face with the best food in the world non-stop for 10 days, including 5 lbs. of boiled crawfish. My fingers were literally pruned by the time I was done.

Needless to say, I will soon be posting so many photographs you will be sick of them.

I’m going to try to go back in August for Granny’s 90th birthday, Mom and Aunt Lori are planning something. Ugh, Louisiana in August. That’s how much I love my grandmother.

p.s. Junebug got the sniffles while she was boarded, but they gave her some antibiotics and she’s fine. They gave me the rest of the course to give her; and shoving an eyedropper into a rabbit’s mouth is a comical adventure, let me tell you.


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