obama’s choice of rick warren doesn’t go far enough in promoting diversity of opinion!

So we’ve probably all heard by now about Obama’s decision to have homo-hating professional christian douchebag Rick Warren give the invocation at the inauguration. Think this is a terrible, divisive choice? Au contraire, says 33mhz!

I have to admit, I’m absolutely in love with Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration. What better way to demonstrate America’s tolerance and unity than by looking past Rick Warren’s copious character flaws?

But if gay people are going to be asked to turn the other cheek to Rick Warren and people like him, as we so often are, shouldn’t we be asking the same of a larger segment of the population, that they may reap the same spiritual benefits of tolerance?

Why not a pastor that hates all minorities, and not just gay people? It’s not like they’re scarce. What better opportunity to celebrate how accepting we are of racist demagogues? Their beliefs are no better or worse than anyone else’s. Or at least, that’s what I’m being told in regards to Rick Warren: his beliefs are no worse than anyone else’s because he only opposes gay rights. It’s not like he’s a bad person.

What about hearing from a religious leader who’s not afraid to get tough on the disabled? I know that I would personally be edified by hearing about how people with congenital birth defects are paying with their present lives for the deeds of their last ones.

Why even stick to hating minorities, when you could ask Fred Phelps to give a blessing? While he’s most famous for hating gay people, he’s also responsible for godhatesamerica.com. Phelps, in a sense, is a much less divisive figure because everyone can agree on hating him. What better figure to unite the country and usher in this brave new era of post-partisanship?

This is exactly what I would have said, except all the veins bursting in my forehead are making it kind of hard to concentrate.


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  1. Shawn Michel de Montaigne
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 15:05:17

    I agree. Rick Warren is heinous, his followers sheep. Obama is, rightfully, facing down a shitstorm for this selection. There were, obviously, far better choices (Jim Jones comes to mind).

    The best to you and this blog. I look forward to reading more soon.


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