sounds like someone’s found xenu!

Because this is the face of sanity.

Because this is the face of sanity.

Jim Carrey was on Larry King Live earlier this week, and while there was no couch-jumping or trotting out of dazed-looking hostages fiancés, he did engage in some suspicious-sounding pyscho-blather. Included was the amazing statement that “getting hit with a brick in the face” is “the best thing that could ever happen to you” because “that’s how the universe works”.

He also slagged Prozac and other anti-depressant meds because they “make everything okay” and the people on them “don’t deal”. He then extolled the virtues of vitamins and “supplements” and claimed to be writing about them. Did he go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, too?!

If whatever magical happy pills Jim Carrey is taking has kept him from constantly being turned up to 11, well, hoo-fucking-ray for him. But Prozac and other actual medicines have saved countless lives, and someone who makes a living getting paid $20 million to flail around like a brain-damaged monkey has no business telling other people they don’t work.

And if he has found Xenu, Carrey should ask him to bring him some better scripts. As opposed to stale retreads of his more mediocre films.


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