let’s play evo psych bingo!


142766one-million-years-b-c-postersOh look, it’s another douchey evo psych “study” that “proves” women are all grasping materialstic harpies whose DNA and girly hormones make us want to fuck rich assholes so we can have their babies. You know, the usual.

Amanda Marcotte nails what’s so infuriating about these studies, and how they are, at best, bad science; at worst, naked misogyny:

You know, I won’t even disagree that men who have more wealth and show it off more probably have more sexual partners.  You could prove that over and over and over again.  You can do it in cross-cultural studies.  But you haven’t done a damn thing to prove that it’s instinctual instead of socially induced behavior, no matter how many times you do it, or how many cultures you bring in.  Because no matter what you do, you’re just comparing apples to apples, or in this case, patriarchies to patriarchies.  Unless you can include non-existent cultures that have complete liberation for women and complete economic equality, all you’re proving is that in cultures where one sex is at an economic disadvantage to the other, the sex with the economic advantage can leverage it on the dating market.  That’s it.  You’ve proven that women don’t make as much money on average as men, which any feminist or government statistician could have told you. 



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