stitching, arctic rainstorms, and photography lessons



This is done, except I forgot to put in the French knots for his eyes, so it’s a little creepy.

The weather is cold and rainy, we’re in the middle of a rainstorm that’s swooped down from Alaska (there’s even snow in the higher elevations), so I hardly left the house all weekend. I did get the first rolls developed from my SuperSampler and Pop9. Some of them didn’t come out: The Pop9’s lenses don’t protrude; in fact they’re a little recessed, so it’s easy to get your finger over one of the lenses. Eep. So I have to train myself to handle it only by the edges.

The SuperSampler worked better than I thought, considering there’s no viewfinder and I was guessing. It needs to be held just a little higher.

But it was a learning experience, and there were a few good ones on each roll. I got them put on CD, so I’ll have them up later.


I was drinking a glass of dry sherry yesterday, when I glanced at it on the nightstand and saw this interesting effect.


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