day in the life 12/06/08


I can tell it’s cold when I wake up by the amount of condensation on the windows. And by “cold” I mean relatively, so you people in the midwest can shut your faces up, I don’t want to hear your smug comments about how it’s only -500 degrees where YOU live.

maggie says good morning

One of the cats wanders in as soon as I open the door. She probably wants to be fed. Sorry toots, not my job.


The other cat is in the kitchen. Bonnie took these things out of the garage last weekend and they’ve been lying around all week. I think they’re eventually going to be against the wall in the living room. When the cats stand next to them, I like to pretend the trees are normal size and the cats are gigantic.


I believe in hearty breakfasts on the weekend. Normally I drink coffee, but I broke my French press a couple days ago, so it’s hot chocolate for me today.


I like to watch teevee while I eat. Awright, a marathon of Dominick Dunne talking trash about rich, murdering assholes getting their comeuppance!


I check in on Junebug. She’s fine.


Not as fun as eating a big breakfast: Cleaning up after it.


All done. Also I put out some butter to soften because I’m going to make cookies later.


I take a moment to Plurk. (“Toaster waffles: Great 20th century invention, or GREATEST?”)


I get started on a new sampler.


But I don’t get very far, because a few moments later I open the door and find a package waiting for me. My Pop 9!!!


That pretty much occupies the rest of my morning.


Okay, time to get cleaned up. Mmm, tingly.


It’s a long one, because I decide it’s a leg-shaving day.


Everybody has a talent. Mine is towel turbans.


I rarely wear a whole face of make-up on weekends.


I go with this gold & black eyelid… thing. No mascara.


I also rarely bother with fashionable clothes on the weekends. And you can’t really tell, but my hair is in braids. Another thing I don’t bother with on weekends: Hair dryers.


I hate coming home to a messy bed.


Which Lomo camera should I bring with me? Answer: All of them. (Well okay, I left the Diana at home.)


Checking the air pressure. We’re good.


My timing is good and I only wait a few minutes.


I like to sit near the back door.


First stop: World Market for a French press. I decide to get a 4-cupper instead of my usual 3 — I’ve broke 2 of them in the past year and I wonder if it’s because the glass is thinner on the smaller models. I had a 4-cup before and it lasted for about 10 years.


Second task: Procur clothing. I didn’t take any photos inside because I didn’t have free hands. (And I almost never try things on in the store.)


As you can see, I am quite loaded down as I wait for my bus back home.


Always wash new clothes before you wear them. They put all kinds of funky chemicals on new clothing that you do NOT want seeping into your skin. They even made an episode of House about it.


While the first load is washing, I head out to buy more detergent and a few other things.


I am not there to buy cosmetics, but I usually look at them anwyay.


I vacuum my bedroom and the hallway when I get home. I hate visibly dirty carpets and vacuum at least twice a week. This color is fairly hideous, but I don’t even notice it anymore.


Cookie time!


Into the fuckin’ oven you’re gonna go, head first! (Cookie if you know what movie that’s from. My brother David is disqualified from this offer because I KNOW he knows.)


Laundry is dry. Seriously, see these stockings? When I die, cremate me in them. You can’t tell from the photo, but the dark brown bands? ARE SPARKLY.


Maggie comes into my room, probably attracted to the call of warm laundry.


Now that’s a buttload of cookies.


Holy fuck, I didn’t eat any lunch and the smell of baking cookies made me realize I’m STARVING. This is all leftovers from the night before: Chicken breast cooked in lemon juice and browned butter, a mushroom couscous casserole (which is a good but a leeettle bland, hence the giant dollop of sour cream) and peas.


After I eat, I bicycle around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. This is the best house so far.


Someone even decorated our street sign. How cute!


When I get home I put on my pajamas and my new slipper mary janes…


…light some chrysanthemum incense…


…let Junebug out of her cage…


…and get some reading done. Can you tell what book I’m reading?


I also write in my journal, which I try to do at the end of every day.


When SNL comes on, I do some more cross stitching. Y/N, “Jizz In My Pants” was the funniest digital short since “Punching People In The Face While Eating”? That could actually be a great real song too, absent the creepy subject matter. The faux British accents were gold. ANDY SAMBERG, ILU.


Good night, y’all. Yes, I totally sleep with the covers pulled up this far, at least when it’s cold.


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  1. Rian G.
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 02:59:39

    Cool pics! I actually like the color of your carpets. What kind of cookies, oatmeal?

    It’s not the color itself I mind — like, I would wear a sweater that was that color — but that I feel carpets should be a neutral color. But it stopped bothering me pretty quickly.

    And yes, oatmeal raisin. Om nom nom.

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