stitching, shopping, and pop art


This is one of my favorite images in the whole set. Rawr! Look out, Jonah!

I went shopping on Saturday, I was in desperate need of new clothes. It’s been a year since I bought anything, and even then it was just a couple of things. Target was having some crazy sales, so I got 2 skirts, 2 sweaters, 2 V-neck shirts, a bunch of underwear, socks, and tights, and a huge bag for when I fly.

(I like to have something that I can fit all my usual crap into, plus books and needlework and snacks and a bottle of Advil and whatever else I think I might need. I had a really cool one but the stupid handles broke. This one is really similar, and the same brand, but the handles are more flexible, and instead of being stitched directly onto the bag, they’re stitched onto metal loops that are stitched onto the bag.)

I only spent about $175, and about $35 of that was the bag. In fact I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a couple more of those V-necks, they were only $10 for 2 and they’re really thick and warm. The sale probably ended yesterday, but if not I should try to go back sometime this week.

I also got my Pop 9 on Saturday, which a lovely unexpected surprise — I wasn’t supposed to get it until today. I shot a whole roll on Saturday, mostly in World Market (I dropped my French press on Thursday and had to get a new one). Think of all the bright, shiny things they have in a World Market and how perfect they are for that type of image. I was running around snapping pictures of martini glasses and teapots and Christmas tree ornaments, I’m surprised security didn’t toss me out. Probably it was too busy for anyone to even notice.

I also did a day-in-the-life on Saturday, which I haven’t done since before I moved out of the shack, so I’ll have that up later.


I took this Friday evening, as I was waiting for the bus.


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