did i say i wasn’t going to buy any more cameras until after christmas?


When did photo frames get so expensive? I went to Bad, Bath & Beyond last weekend, thinking I might frame some of my photos I’ve been taking lately, and they were all like $15 at the cheapest. And a lot of them were ugly anyway. Sheesh.

So I solved it by buying 2 French memo boards, a narrow one for my Instaxes and a large square one for my other Lomo cameras.


And I’m going to have a lot more photos soon, because *mumble* I bought another Lomo camera, a Pop 9. And my SuperSampler hasn’t even arrived yet (it should be there today). Hey, it’s cheap. And I got free shipping, And Mom is sending me some $$$ for my birthday. And it’s good for the economy!

Okay, that last one is the ultimate lame excuse.

pop-9The Pop 9 has 9 lenses that all fire at once, so you get a sort of Warhol-esque photo that’s 3 rows of 3 images. It has a flash but I don’t think a focus; the reviews I’ve read say you can get fairly close to your subject with it. It shoots 35mm.

I need to get some kind of display shelf just for my cameras, I don’t like to keep them shoved in a drawer. And although I’m going to try reeeally hard not to buy any more until January, I’m going to buy more eventually. There are least 3 that I want: a Fisheye 2, one of the first Lomo cameras that interested me; a Colorsplash, which comes with a selection of colored gels to put over the flash; and an Oktomat, which is sort of a combination of the SuperSampler and the Pop 9 — it has 8 lenses that fire consecutively over 2.5 seconds.

Lomography and obsessive-compulsiveness are a dangerous combo.


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  1. yumii
    Mar 08, 2009 @ 13:00:17

    hey, i’m very very interested in buying myself a lomo. BUT i just want to know what kind of films can be used in a lomo? is it a special kind of films OR we can use regular films we use for those old cameras (non-digital)? because if it use special films it will be a too expensive hobby for me. T-T thank you in advance! please please reply me okay?

    There is no “special lomo film”. Some of them use 35mm, available in any drug store; some of them use 120, harder to find and get processed but not impossible.

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