stitching, stalkers, and god beams


I banged this one out over the course of the long weekend.

So I didn’t do much with my 4-day weekend, which is my favorite thing to do. Thanksgiving was never a big deal to me even when my family was nearby — I don’t care for most of the traditional food and it’s just an appetizer for Christmas, as far as I’m concerned.

I usually go see a movie then eat out somewhere, but there was nothing playing that I wanted to see, Milk not coming out until December 5. I did consider seeing Twilight, but I heard it’s actually kind of boring and not that lulztastic.

So I decided to bicycle around and take some photos. I have 10 rolls of assorted 120 film, some of it expired, so who knows how funky it might turn out. I shot the church down the street; then hopped a bus to come to the school’s neighborhood. There are some interesting buildings around here that I’ve been wanting to shoot for a while. It was cool because there was absolutely no one around.


There was a great sky, all grey and marbled. I forget which photographer came up with the term “god beams” to describe those shafts of sunlight through heavy clouds, but I always liked it.

The only exciting thing that happened over the weekend is that on Thanksgiving, cops came to the house because the other housemate, who I will here dub Lil’ Miss Trainwreck, apparently has a psycho ex who has been lurking around and peering in her window. So in addition to never cleaning and leaving the same cereal bowl in the kitchen sink for days at a time, now we all have to worry about being murdered in our sleep, thanks to her. I think the reason Bonnie hasn’t thrown her out (seriously, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is part of our rent; when she bothers to do it at all it’s really half-assed) is because she (Bonnie) is a psych student and enjoys all the secondhand drama.

I do NOT enjoy drama. You might say the avoidance of drama is my chief concern in life — I tend to step back when even close friends are going through it and just wait for it to pass. I have a hard enough time keeping my own shit together, I don’t need other people’s drama slopping over into my life.

However, it’s still a kajillion times better than living in the Taiwanese Asylum for Control Freaks. As long as I can bake cookies whenever I want, I can deal with anything.


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