define “irony”


Try this on for size: When the CEOs of all three of the Big 3 automakers fly to Capitol Hill to beg for money… in seperate private jets, at the average cost of $20,000 a flight.

Look, the bailout isn’t about pulling banks’ asses out of the fire. It’s about keeping them solvent because without them, American society is pretty well screwed.

I think Congress should tell the American auto industry to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. They’re reaping their reward after decades of piss-poor management, shoddy products, and being completely out-of-touch with what consumers want and need. At this point, if they got the $25 billion they’re asking for, they’d probably use it to install solid-gold bidets in their private yachts; then use whatever was left to design some ridiculous behemoth that no one in their right mind would buy, like… street-legal monster trucks, or something.

And since they’ve already exported most of associated middle management and blue collar jobs to other countries, what’s the point?


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