eat the press

We’ve all seen this, right?:

He went after that reporter like he was made out of ham!

Looks like SOMEONE is cranky at the prospect of being kicked out of the White House in order to make way for some adopted mutt. Oh dear lord, Obama is adopting a shelter puppy for his daughters, instead of buying some disease-raddled purebred from a Béla Károlyi-esque breeder? YOU WON, HOPEY. YOU CAN STOP BEING SO FRIGGIN’ NOBLE ALL THE TIME.

Oh god, it’s even more hilarious in in slo-mo:

You know what this reminds me of? Watching the pro- and anti-Palin factions of the tatters of the GOP savagely turn on each other. The antis- are leaking all kinds of fucktardery to the press (yes, even worse than what we saw during the actual campaign), including claims that Sarah Palin couldn’t name all the countries that signed NAFTA; thinks “Africa” is a country; and, most comical to me, an anonymous McCain aide has called her and her husband “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast”.

(By the way, if you’re blue-collar and were stupid enough to vote Republican because Democrats are a bunch of fancypants elitists, pay attention: This is REALLY what the GOP thinks of you. They’ll praise “Joe Six-Pack” and “the real America” in their stump speeches and pretend to care about your culture wars to court your vote. Then the second they don’t need you anymore, they let their true disdain show. You are nothing to them but cannon fodder. Read What’s The Matter With Kansas? for further education.)

The pro-Palin faction, meanwhile, is advocating rounding up everyone who ever criticized her and putting them in death camps, or something.

Better lay in a huge stockpile of microwave popcorn, because the next 4-8 years are going to be awfully entertaining.


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