just what i need, another time-sucking fun little webtoy: plurk

Plurk is similar to Twitter in that it’s a social networking/micro-blogging service. But the layout is a little more interesting: instead of a top-down list, it displays the user’s and all their “friends” “plurks” on a horizontal, scrollable timeline. It seems to be a little more international than Twitter and especially popular in Asia; particularly in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

It appears you can also add images to your plurks, although I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. You can also reply to other plurks, and all the replies will be clustered together (as opposed to Twitter, where replies appear detached). There’s also a “karma” system, where you get points for things like plurking more often or having your friend requests granted, and you get extra services with more karma. I haven’t yet decided if this is going to fun, or annoying as hell. (Possibly the latter, since it’s not a one-way road and you can also lose karma.)

Anyway, I’m not leaving Twitter, especially as it’s still the most reliable when it comes to texting. But if you’re on Plurk, or might be signing up because of this post, I’m here, so why not improve your karma and add me?


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