october is prime season for bad movies

All done! I think the next one is Joseph and his coat of many colors.

I went to Ritz on Saturday, to get the wedding film and see what scanning services they offer. Answer: None. That really annoys and confuses me. There are people in my LJ photo communities that live out in the boonies of like, Oklahoma, who can get their medium format film scanned. I have 2 choices, basically:

  1. I can get a print of every single negative made, at a minimum of $0.65 each. I have 10 rolls of film, 6 with 16 shots and 4 with 12. That’s going to be a huge waste of $$$, because obviously not all of them are going to be worth keeping. Or,
  2. I can get each roll put on a CD (which they’d have to send out for), at $13 a roll.

I’m probably going to go with option #2, because that way I can upload them to flickr and get prints from them anytime I want. I’m irritated though, because I got the Diana weeks ago, and I still haven’t had any prints made. I have to pay my rent this week and I don’t have a spare $130 lying around, so I have to wait until I get paid again, then wait for the CDs, and it’s going to be another month before I have anything to show for my effort. Aaargh!

It’s no wonder I’m loving the new Fuji Instax: Instant gratification!

Mom is always asking me why I don’t take more photos of people. It’s not that I don’t like photographing people, I just don’t like posed photographs of people. They’re always so stiff and unnatural-looking. But funnily enough, most people get kind of touchy when a complete stranger takes their photograph. Go figure.

But they also seem less touchy when it’s an instant photo. Maybe because they can see the photo, maybe because the format has more integrity (not as easy to alter); also you can take 2 and give 1 to them.

Anyway, I see this guy (above) every Friday as I’m waiting for my bus, and last Friday I shouted “Hey, can I take your photo? You don’t need to stop.” when he got close enough. He said something that sounded affirmative enough, something like “Trying out a new camera, eh?”, so I snapped him right as he passed. I think it’s almost perfect, the framing, the way it’s just a little blurry and the colors are just a little off.

So, other than things photography and photgraphy-related, my weekend was same-o. I made cabbage soup, a spread with cream cheese and (fake) crab, and some gingerbead. And I caught that movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Whose idea was it to combine religious horror with courtroom drama? Not scary! And what exactly is the message here? Hey kids, if’n you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay on Ma and Pa’s dirt farm, ‘stead of going off to the big city to get some of that fancy book-learnin’! You’ll get possessed!

Oh, and I bought this at Safeway. As long as it has air, I’m leaving it up. OBVIOUSLY.

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