hot preggo mess

It’s no secret that I have love-hate relationship with fashion. Or maybe “hilarity-scorn relationship” is a more accurate term.

So I was mildly amazed when Christian Siriano, Project Runway‘s enfant terrible, debuted his Spring 2009 Ready To Wear, and it was not a (you know what I’m going to say here) hot tranny mess. It was cute, wearable, and — dare I say it — fairly normal-looking. Or as normal as anything ever marched down a catwalk gets.

Last summer he announced he was designing a maternity line called (what else) “Fierce” under the Moody Mamas label. The sketches that have been released thus far are interesting, if unremarkable, until you look at the shoes. Maybe it’s just that designers automatically slap 4″ red stilettos on their sketches as a default, but I’m pretty sure the only pregnant women who would actually wear them are trying to “accidentally” miscarry.

Two words, Christian: Ballet flats.


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