in which i force you to look at boring wedding photos

I’ve been uploading and editing whenever I have a spare half hour all week, and I’m still only about 1/3 done. Actually a lot of these are just shots I took around the hotel. I bought myself a premium flickr account, so I have lots of nifty effects to play with. I also saved the original shots (with some small exposure, straightening, and cropping fixes), but let’s look at the funky ones.

This photo was just begging for some vignetting, obviously. I tried taking the same shot during the actual wedding (this was the rehearsal), but there were too many people in the way, I couldn’t see Jamie and Greg at all. Too bad, it would have been really pretty.

This one is cute because of the way Jamie’s friend is peeking through the door. Jamie was like “Okay, but you can’t do that during the actual ceremony.”


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