i always cry at weddings

So, my sister is now married. The wedding was in Palm Springs, which is filled with disgustingly rich white people and all their various toadies; but is also crazy beautiful. The B&B we stayed at (and where the creremony and reception were) is the most insanely photogenic place I’ve ever seen. It’s built like a little Moroccan village: instead of a huge building with a lot of rooms, each “room” is a seperate detached little house; with a bathroom, sitting room, and kitchen in addition to a bedroom.

Thursday night my brothers and I stayed with our aunt and her boyfriend in Laguna Niguel while Mom and Phil stayed at a hotel, then we all drove down on Friday. The wedding was Saturday evening.

Here’s Phil walking Jamie down the “aisle”, as it were. (Yes, she’s barefoot.) Jamie’s looking at the camera and Phil’s oblivious, which is typical.

I know probably everyone says this about the weddings of close family members, but it really was beautiful. It was a short ceremony, only about 15 minutes. And instead of groomsmen and bridesmaids and some asshole who doesn’t even know them blathering away, they had a couple of their friends get ordained by Universal Life Church and officiate, which was really sweet.

Here’s Jamie and Greg immediately after the ceremony. They took about 20 minutes to gather themselves before joining the reception.

BTW, Greg is totally adorbs and I would have married him if Jamie said no.

Instead of a wedding cake, there were individual weddings cakes in 4 flavors: chocolate with honeycomb, vanilla, red velvet, and carrot cake. I approve of this.

During the rehearsal on Friday, I saw this guy pulling a pair of pugs in a wagon up and down the street. WHITE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

Then Sunday we checked out and came back to Laguna Niguel to spend the night, where my aunt forced me to watch True Blood. HEY THANKS FOR GETTING ME HOOKED ON A SHOW I HAVE NO WAY OF WATCHING! Also, what is with Bill and that dog, discuss.

Anyway, I have like 200 more photos (that’s what I was there for) — and that’s not even including film photos, but I thought I’d just share some highlights.


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  1. James
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 11:21:19

    It is so great to read wonderful stories like this! I’m glad the wedding was beautiful, and as I tell all my friends, always go with a ULC minister.

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