photos from the freeway overpass

I know a lot of people find housing developments ugly or depressing. But I grew up in and around them, and I don’t find anything negative about them, visually. It’s a sight that says “the ‘burbs” like almost nothing else does, and I’m not ashamed of being a lifelong suburbanite. (It helps that in the Bay Area, that doesn’t carry the same uncultured overtones that it might in other parts of the country.)

I like looking down on the rooftops when my bus goes over the two overpasses that are on my daily route, so yesterday I bicycled all the way home, stopping on top of the overpasses to take some photos. For most of these I fiddled with the color saturation, because hey why not.

This is a sign for some Taiwanese Christian organization that I’ve always liked.

This is a pine tree I liked the look of.

And this has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but when I got home I discovered the sandals I bought for my sister’s wedding had arrived. Yay!


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