clay aiken comes out: normal people shrug; claymates threaten mass suicide

He's gay!

He's gay!

Clay Aiken has officially come out, and on the cover of People magazine no less. Now even your dental hygienist will know! Perhaps he was inspired by La Lohan?

Now, for most people with fully-functioning sensory perception and brains, this is not a shock. But there is a small but dedicated group of his fans, consisting mostly of post-menopausal women who own multiple small yappy dogs and collect Hummel figurines, who non-ironically refer to themselves as “Claymates”.

And for these deluded fans, nothing less than Aiken parading down the street in assless chaps and proclaiming “I’m gay!” à la Scott Thompson in The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, could convince them of Aiken’s non-heterosexuality.

Perhaps predictably, given their shaky grasp of reality, they are dealing with the news in a less-than-rational manner. A choice selection of comments, with meanie-meanie-fo-feenie commentary from yours truly!

It just seems at every pincle of his career there was some sort of something from the slimebucket PH to TRY …..I repeat TRY to bring him down . THIS very well could be the same thing . Have we heard from Clay if this is true ?? IMO why don’t we adopt the attitude of wait and see from Clay’s very own gorgeous mouth himself IF and when he is ready to reveal whatever he wants to reveal.

I guess the assless chaps are literally going to be required, if Aiken appearing on the cover of a national magazine with the banner “Yes, I’m Gay” isn’t enough to convince her.

i realize people are gay… but what i dont realize is some southern gentlemen getting paid over 1.3 million dollars to come out AND introduce his son…. its not fair to the fans. he really let me down. i feel like an idiot because everyone else knew but me. and i was supposedly the biggest fan. i don’t hate clay now. but i will no longer support him… i will no longer fly across the country to see him on the east coast because he isnt doing a west coast tour… no more midnight parties…. no more camping out at every tv show taping to catch a glimpse… he lied. and he came out to people magazine before he had the respect to do it privately…

I’m taking my toys and going home, because he didn’t personally call every single one his fans and come out to them before he did it to a magazine!

Unfortunatly, The problem this board will have with it members, is not whether Clay is gay or not but whether we accept this social behavior. I, personaly do not, and am very disapointed that, if it is true that Clay is gay, that he would bring an innocent child into this world under those pretenses. This is not biblical. Homosexuality is not bibilical. And we must all remember that Clay has professed his devotion to Jesus Christ and the bible. He has!!! So, if this story is true, he defineatly is wandering far from what our creater has in store for him. Does that make me hate him?? Absolutly not! I still love him, but he has lost his way and I can only hope he find his way back. But I can not support him and his behavior, I just can’t.

Oh look, I didn’t know the Phelps wimmin were Claymates!


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