won’t someone please think of the pugs?

We’re rolling up on Halloween pretty soon, and you know what that means: Crazy-ass white people dressing up their dogs. (Although Spaghetti Cat‘s owner, Faye Murrell, is providing an exception to the rule. She’s like a single non-white woman juggernaut of pet-related insanity.)

Why does it seems that pugs get disproportionately singled out for costume abuse? Is it the curly little tail? The smooshed face? The googly wall-eyes?

Or am I confusing causation with correlation — is it simply that the kind of white yuppie suburbanite that is drawn to the breed to begin with is more likely to put them in an elephant costume? (Please note the expression of stoic suffering.)

Has PETA been made aware of this? It’s not any crazier than their latest campaign to get Ben & Jerry’s to replace the bovine milk in their ice cream with human breast milk.


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