your parents pornography gets updated for the new millenium

The skeevy-looking hippy couple from the original version

The skeevy-looking hippy couple from the original version

The Joy of Sex has been given a much-needed overhaul from its original 1972 text. The new sections (only about 9% of the overall text) were written by a woman (psychologist Susan Quilliam), and contains more about sexual pleasure from a woman’s point of view — the original only contained 4 sentences about the clitoris.

Stuart Jeffries laments in The Guardian article that it’s still only directed at heterosexual couples; but it would have to be an awfully big book, with a lot of different contributors, if it contained a comparable amount of advice for all flavors of sexuality. Surely there’s already gay and lesbian versions? If not, someone should get on that.

Gone from the updated version:

  • Sex on motorcycles. Ah, the halcyon personal injury lawsuit-free days of the 1970s.
  • Sex on horseback. Ah, the hygeine-free days of the same decade.
  • Sex with hookers. Ah, the AIDS-free days and the total unconcern with horrible exploitation.

Included in the new version:

  • Cybersex.
  • Hormones, sex shops, striptease, sex during pregnancy.
  • A section on penis injuries caused by vacuum cleaners.

Wait, what??


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