earthquakes, not stitching, disturbing movies, and the best troll ever

Earthquakes are fun! 4.0 is no big deal. I probably wouldn’t even have felt it if I wasn’t lying still. Bonnie was in the kitchen making jam, and she didn’t even know we had one.

I have no photo of a work-in-progress, because it was too hot to do anything this weekend, even needlework. I hate the profuse way my hands sweat under the material when it’s really hot. Actually yesterday wasn’t too terrible, but I was too exhausted from not having slept through the night all week that I didn’t have the energy to do anything but nap, read, and watch television.

Which is how I caught United 93, the Paul Greengrass movie about the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. It was… unnerving. It wasn’t like a movie movie, more like a documentary. It was like you were really there. I’m glad I watched it, but I had a stomachache the entire time and I don’t think I could ever sit through it again.

The only thing I accomplished this weekend was infuriating the most amusing troll I’ve ever encountered in 7 years of blogging. She left some typically asinine comment on my post about Sarah Palin, full of ad hominem attacks, gross generalizations (“Feminists are all ugly!” etc.), and not particularly creative name-calling, which I didn’t approve, because that’s pretty much the whole reason for having comment moderation. You are certainly free to disagree with me — another commenter left a comment on that exact same entry pointing out I wasn’t entirely correct about the Covenant House funding, and I approved it, because she managed to do it in a way that didn’t, you know, attack me personally.

But I don’t approve comments from trolls, because then I’d have to argue with them, and if there’s anything more pointless than engaging in debate with someone who has their head permanently wedged in their rectum, I’ve yet to hear of it. Some people enjoy it and I don’t judge them for it, but I have better things to do with my time.

So anyway, I ignored it and went about my life, but this person is apparently one of those wackos that obsessively stalks every blog they comment on, because she left a couple more on Saturday accusing me of “deleting” her comments. I explained about moderation, and politely told her to go fuck herself.

Conservitards are adorable. She doesn’t seem to understand how the internets work: she thinks “comment moderation” means I have some 3rd party of “moderators” that edit and/or delete comments (according to a comment she tried to make on Sunday), and threatened to “be back every day until the election to let the world know what a hack I am” if I didn’t agree to engage in “civil” (*incredulous laughter*) debate with her. Why I’m required to engage in debate with every asshat on the internet is a question she hasn’t yet explained.

Dearie, how are you going to “let the world know” anything if your comments never appear on my blog? You can come back a thousand times a day and bring an army of trolls with you; it doesn’t matter because none of your comments will appear for so much as a second on my blog. And I grew up the youngest of 5 siblings and went to a high school with no walls, I can certainly ignore the likes of you for a couple of months. Also, while I’m certainly flattered that you think commenting on my blog could “show the world” anything, I only get on average 130 page views per day, so it might take a while.

I’ve blocked her IP address, but I almost hope she has a proxy server. If I see another comment from her, or anyone sent by her, I’m going to replace the words with the raunchiest image of gay porn I can find and approve it. 😀

ETA: She’s back you guys! She keeps leaving progressively unhinged, vaguely threatening caps-rage comments. She’s gone beyond “Debate me, damn it!” into full-on “I TOLD YOU I’D BE BAAAAACK AAAAAAARGH POST MY INSANE RAVING OR I’LL LEAVE MORE INSANE RAVING WHICH WILL BE SEEN BY NO ONE” dementia. I mean I guess she thinks her obsessive commenting upsets me, but it’s really more amusing than anything. And it’s not like it takes anything out of my day: If I see any of her signature crazed ranting (which is recognizable about 3 words in, so I don’t even have to read the whole thing) in my “awaiting approval” queue, I just zap it.

Sadly, WordPress doesn’t allow images in comments. Which is stupid, because there’s a script for it, but it doesn’t do anything. So, Plan B. Ideas? I’m thinking every time she leaves a comment, I change the text to a paragraph of the raunchiest Harry Potter slashfic I can find, and approve it.


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  1. misskate
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 10:53:01

    I honestly can’t watch any of the films that have come out about 9/11. I watched it when it happened and really don’t ever want to re-live that. Once was one time too many.

    I think Conservitard is my new favorite word. It really sums up their myopic view that cannot be changed no matter what facts or truths hit them on the nose.

    Glad the earthquake wasn’t serious!

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