oh look, it’s yet more disgusting conspicuous consumption. why is this newsworthy?

World’s most expensive Barbie unveiled in Mexico City. And what makes it so pricey? Did they make some kind of radical improvement to it? Is the dress a rare antique? Is the hair made of unicorn tails?

No, they just sewed 300 diamonds onto the dress (that color scheme makes my eyes bleed, BTW) and jacked up the price to $100, 000. 

I certainly hope Bratleigh Whiteington III, or whichever hideously spoiled spawn of inherited wealth consumerfreaks that actually receives one of these (Because it’s Tuesday!), enjoys it for a whole 20 minutes, before getting bored with it and demanding a rocket-powered pony with gold-plated hooves.

You know what I realized bothers me about this kind of thing — like the “world’s most expensive sundae” I blogged about a while back — is not just the digusting consumerism. It’s lazy. Restaurants, toymakers, whoever; they just chuck a fistful of gold flakes or diamonds onto their product without making any real changes and then boastfully declare “World’s Most Expensive X!” It’s not an accomplishment.


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  1. Nullbot
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 19:39:55

    Indeed. It’s a disgrace. The manmade world we live in sickens me so often these days.

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