the GOP is suddenly interested in feminism

Shoe’s on the other foot now isn’t it, ratfuckers?

Sarah Palin and the GOP can call her a “feminist” all they want, it doesn’t make her one. Simply being in possession of a vagina and running for high office doesn’t magically make you some kind of feminist superheroine. The conservative base will gladly elevate one woman if it means they can more easily and thoroughly keep the rest of us down, and that’s all that’s happening here with Palin’s nomination. Well, that and McCain thinking us Vagina-Americans are such excitable ninnies that we’ll jump at the chance to vote for anyone who happens to possess the same reproductive organs.

Sorry, McCain. My vagina believes in equal pay, evolution, comprehensive sex ed, civil rights for gays and lesbians, and a women’s right to make her own medical decisions. My vagina is voting for Obama.

Being anti-choice precludes being a feminist. Period. Full stop. The plain, unvarnished definition of “feminism” is  “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men”. If you don’t believe women should have as much autonomy over their own bodies as men do, you are not a feminist. “Feminists for Life” (to which Governor Palin belongs) is just the same old group of meddling harpies trying to appeal to the generation of women who grew up after The Feminine Mystique.

One of the most pukey anti-feminist attitudes Palin has displayed so far (I’m sure we’ll see many more between now and November) is her “Aww shucks, I didn’t really want to be a veep nom, I was just trying to be a better wife and mother and kind of fell ass-backwards into it!” Because having ambition and like, trying is icky and unladylike!

But let’s look at that “Trying to be a better mother” thing, shall we?

  • While mayor of Wasilla, AK, the high school dropout rate was sometimes as high as 40%, leading Johns Hopkins to declare the town a “dropout factory”.
  • While she supports her own pregnant teenaged daughter, she doesn’t give a damn about anyone else’s: She slashed funding for a program that assists teen mothers in Alaska. Someone who opposes sex ed and abortion ought to at least be prepared to deal with the consequences of that.
  • She tried to get books banned from the Wasilla Public Library. I haven’t found any credible sources that list any titles, I’d be very interested to see what they were. I mean, I very much doubt the WPL was stocking Double Donging Monthly in their periodicals section.

It’s been amusing to watch the right-wing blogosphere creaming their collective undies over Palin’s acceptance speech at the RNC last night. This may come as a huge shock to them; but reading a speech that someone else wrote off a teleprompter before a canned audience of people who unequivocally support you doesn’t translate to being able to hold your own before an unbiased audience. Biden is going to rip her apart in the veep debates. October 3rd, people!

Bonus: Wasilla is the “meth capital” of Alaska. Job well done making the town “a better place for my kids”, Mayor Palin!


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  1. EMM
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 16:24:14

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Well said!

  2. misskate
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 22:09:12

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for you to start writing about Palin. The only thing is that I’m reading in comment boxes that the Covenant House/pregnant teen budget cut still ended up being a huge increase over the previous year, so while they didn’t get everything they asked for, they got more than double over the previous year.

  3. The Kind of Woman you Will Never Be
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 17:16:52

    Aww, I’m sorry if you wasted the entire weekly alloted time your husband lets you out of the kitchen to leave your sad little incoherent rants, but if you weren’t so busy frothing at the mouth you might have realized I didn’t “delete” your previous comments. I have comment moderation, and yours was unapproved and ignored, just like this one is going to be, because I have a strict “do not feed the trolls” policy. I’ve got better things to do than waste time responding to every deranged half-wit that stumbles across my blog. -ed.

  4. Sad Wacko Obsessed Conservitard Troll
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 12:23:16

  5. Conservinut Too Chickenshit To Leave A Real Email Or URL
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 19:01:58

    Hillary Clinton frowned and raised the paddle again. Hot tears ran down Sarah Palin’s trembling face.

    Her ass hurt so much that it didn’t seem like it could possibly hurt any more. But then Hillary would swing the paddle again and the brief ‘whoosh’ sound would be followed by another crack and another bolt of searing, white-hot pain through her skin. Yes, it certainly could hurt more.

    This was the whole world. It became impossible for Sarah to believe that there was anything else in the universe except Hillary, the paddle, and a burning ass. Hillary was God. A cruel god.

    This god wore black, dressy pumps, a sports bra and a strap-on harness with a thick, blue dildo attached.

    The paddling stopped.

    “I bet that really burns,” said Hillary.

    Sarah choked out something indistinct but affirmative.

    “Let me cool it down for you.”

    Hillary Clinton stepped up onto the table, placing one foot on either side of Sarah’s ass. She crouched slightly and let loose a hissing stream of urine which splashed across Sarah’s red, swollen ass.

    Sarah realized what was happening and knew that she should be horrified and humiliated. But she wasn’t. She’d descended too far already that day. Instead, the piss felt soothing on her tender skin.

    Hillary crouched down on the table beside Sarah and grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head up. Her gaze locked into Sarah’s. Hillary stared straight into Sarah’s eyes. Hillary leaned forward and kissed Sarah’s mouth. She swept her tongue through the younger woman’s mouth briefly before pulling back and spitting in her face.

    God loved Sarah Palin.

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