margaret cho lands a reality show on VH1, as all even slightly famous people eventually must

Thirteen years after her first show, All American Girl, was a near-legendary flop, Margaret Cho is back on teevee with a VH1 “reality-sitcom” called The Cho Show. So, it’s kind of like The Two Coreys, except VH1 admits most of it is made up.

Although Cho’s husband Al is nowhere to be found (in an interview with Radar Cho said “We want to stay married, okay? That’s our life, no one else’s. We want that to remain private.”), everyone else is playing themselves. In addition to Margaret — who opens the show with a blatant vadge flash as she’s exiting a car, letting us know right off what the tone of the show will be — there are her parents; the coterie of hair, make-up, and wardrobe gay men who keep her looking fabulous; and her personal assistant and BFF, the 3’10” burlesque queen Selene Luna. She’s sure to be this show’s New York-style hit, only without the crack whore aspects that term implies.

The cute-awkward moments with her traditional  parents (“I keep them around because old people are a really good source of prescription medication”) are the show’s best. Seeing an older Asian man admit to smoking marijuana and saying he knows his daughter “isn’t a ‘breeder'”? That’s excellent television. Cho tries her damndest to shock them, like when she models a “dress” that’s basically nothing but body paint and a shitload of glued-on crystals; but they’re too busy beaming with pride to care. They also seem to think that the diminutive Selene is their granddaughter, and take her shopping for a traditional Korean hanbok. At one point Cho’s mother is clearly holding her hand. Adorable!

It’s good to see the feisty comedianne back on the air. Thursdays at 11/10 CST, people! Although, don’t sweat it, because VH1 is sure to rerun it several thousand times a week.

(Edited because I realized it’s only coming on at 8:00 for me, because my lame satellite system shows everything on PST.)

Editor’s note: This show had promise. It’s too bad every single subsequent episode sucked huge sweaty balls.


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