dignity is for divorce attorneys

Oversharing and petty revenge isn’t limited to the internets, it just spreads it to a wider circle of gawkers. Meet the rest of the Scorned Women of the Day, courtesy of List of the Day.

I know the billboard one was fake for sure — it turned out to be a tiresome bit of “viral marketing” for a TRU TV show that never, as far as I can tell, even got off the ground and onto the air. (There was also a blog.) And I’m inclined to think the pickaxe-riddled car is as well, because really, where do you get a dozen pickaxes?

But the rest of them are no crazier than that time I hung a giant sheet with “I GAVE YOU HERPES” painted on it with shoe polish from my ex’s apartment balcony. (JK, Hugo! But I hope it gave you several panicky days before the test results came back!)


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