john mccain has gaydar!

This May, 1973 article in US News & World Report seems to be the first time John McCain spoke publicly about his North Vietnam captivity. Gawker has honed in on the most WTF? part of it: McCain apparently possesses gaydar.

Now I don’t hate them any more—not these particular guys. I hate and detest the leaders. Some guards would just come in and do their job. When they were told to beat you they would come in and do it. Some seemed to get a big bang out of it. A lot of them were homosexual, although never toward us. Some, who were pretty damned sadistic, seemed to get a big thrill out of the beatings.

This doesn’t seem to be your standard “Those pinko gook faggots!”-type ranting, which I could probably understand, given what he’d recently been through. So, if they weren’t “homosexual towards” McCain and his fellow captives, how did he know? Some speculation:

  • They complained about the bedspread clashing with the curtains in his cell.
  • The whippings were adminstered with a suspiciously limp wrist.
  • They blasted showtunes at top volume to torture their captives.
  • That wasn’t a cross that one guard drew in the dirt, it was his astrological sign.
  • Guards offered to “love him long time”.

Look, I know McCain was Navy and therefore probably knew from gays; but both Vietnamese culture and Southeast Asian communism were (and to a lesser extent, still are) extremely hostile to gays. Forgive me if I’m questioning the validity of his gaydar, but saying guards were openly homosexual with each other is ludicrous.


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  1. Rian G.
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 01:30:18

    Well, McCain’s favorite song is ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”…hehe!

    Hee! No wonder he’s been overcompensating with trashy blondes ever since.

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