sarah’s law: i am ashamed to share a name with this tissue of anti-choice propoganda

“Sarah’s Law” or Propositon 4 is a measure that’s going to be on California ballots this November. It’s aiming to institute parental notification before minors can get an abortion, because in 1994 a teenaged girl died from complications from an abortion her parents didn’t know about. Proponents of the measure wanted to tell her story in a “voter guide”, but Planned Parenthood is suing them because, oh hey look at this, the whole thing is pretty much bullshit.

“Sarah”‘s real name was Jammie Garcia Yanez-Villegas. Presuambly the pro-lie group gave her a Caucasian name because no one really gives a fuck when brown women die, and the mud people are breeding too much anyway. Also, she was a resident of Texas, not California. Also also, while she was indeed 15, she had a legal common-law husband, making her NOT A MINOR under that state’s laws.

So these dinks took a sad story of someone who regrettably died during a procedure that’s safe 99.9% of the time, embellished it, and are using a bunch of lies to try to confuse and guilt-trip California voters who might not normally vote to restrict women’s access to a medical procedure to do so. I wonder what the “complications” were? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the anaesthetic or something totally unrelated to the fact that it was an abortion.

See, this kind of shit is exactly why I prefer to call them the “pro-lie” movement.

ETA: HA HA IT FAILED TO PASS. Fetus-humping assholes STILL trying to comment on this entry will be ignored and unapproved.


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  1. kerri
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 00:30:23

    Aww look, it’s a fetus-hugging conservitard who actually thinks I’m going to approve their bullshit comment. How cute!

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