what i’ve been reading lately

Greene is one of those writers I’ve had on my list for a while, and I thought I’d start with this book because I loved the movie (the 2003 version with an Oscar-nominated performance by Michael Caine; not the one from the ’50s with Audey Murphy, which I hear butchered the end). It was great, one of those books you find yourself thinking about for days after you finish it. it’s about 2 men, an older British journalist and a young American idealist, vying for a beautiful Vietnamese woman; it’s also about America’s first foray into the morass of what would become the Vietnam War. The two stories are, of course, really one story.

This is the 5th book so far in Cahill’s “Hinges of History” (there are 7 total planned), and I’ve read them all. Cahill is fun and accessible, like a chatty, well-liked college professor. He lays the Catholic apology on a little thick in this one, but I forgive him, because it’s pretty impossible to discuss how the High Middle Ages shaped modern Western civilization without talking about the Catholic Church. The opening seems like a bit of a reach, and there’s a section in the middle about Islam that, frankly, comes off as forced and petty. But he makes most of his arguments well, and it’s always interesting to read.

A++! Brooks has done something totally unique with the zombie genre (although it’s mostly movies, innit). The standard has always been “small group of survivors against hordes of zombies”; but Brooks shows us the bigger picture: What happens when governments and militaries organize and fight together, “as told to” the author. Sometimes the chapters take the form of Q&A, sometimes it’s a full narrative by whichever character he’s interviewing. He shows us fights against the undead in places we’ve never seen or read before, like the ocean floor and the catacombs underneath Paris. He discusses aspects of a world ravaged by the undead that no one’s ever thought of, because no one’s ever shown us the whole world fighting zombies. The most memorable of these are the “quislings”, survivors who’ve completely flipped out and think they’re zombies.

I really can’t recommend this book enough. It was awesome.

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  2. Natasha
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 09:32:23

    Yay!! Graham Greene is the best. Read The Comedians. SOoooo good.

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