anti-ageism: ur doing it wrong, vogue

For Vogue‘s “Age(less) Issue”, they invited editors in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to discuss their personal style. That’s cool! Umm, not so cool: The accompanying photos of models in their teens and 20s “portraying” said editors. Instead of photos of, you know, the actual editors. *facepalm*

Here 29-year-old Karen Elson “portrays” 67-year-old creative director Grace Coddington:

Vogue‘s always been a weird guilty pleasure of mine, although I usually only buy the September issue (the Fall Fashion Preview) and maybe a couple other issues (I always like to have it on airplane flights) throughout the year. I love the photography, and Jeffrey Steingarten’s food articles are always interesting. Sometimes they have really good fiction: I remember reading a short story in high school by a then-unknown Chinese-American writer named Amy Tan called “Rules of the Game” that eventually became a chapter in The Joy Luck Club.

Fashion interests me in a strangely abstract way. Even if I could afford it (and fit into it) I’d likely never buy it. But I like to read about it, and see pictures of it, and know who’s doing what this season. I like to see in what way haute couture trickles down into mainstream fashion. And I like to be familiar with it because, frankly, there is so much about it to be mocked.

But there are many, many flaws in the fashion industry: sexism, ageism, sizeism, just about every -ism there is, not to mention the use of sweatshop labor.


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