another republican appears to be guilty of massive hypocrisy, news at ll

It's good to be king!

It's good to be king!

Looks like the illustrious roll of the GOP Perverts Hall of Fame is about to get another member: Troy King, the Attorney General of the state of Alabama.

Prior to this week, Troy was mostly known for his brave war against sex toys. Like most southern white Republicans, he’s also a staunch gay-hater and once wrote a hysterical letter to the Crimson White, the newspaper of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, saying its front page looked like “the front page of Sodom and Gomorrah News the day before those cities were destroyed”, because the paper dared to run an article about a campus gay and lesbian organization.

So naturally, he’s on the verge of resigning while rumors swirl around the state that his wife has kicked him out of their home after she caught his schtupping a male aid. No word yet on whether any sex toys were involved in said schtupping.

Is anyone really surprised? How many times does a formula have to be followed before it moves beyond cliché and into certainty? A white male southern Republican who is married and hates both sex AND homosexuality turns out to be gay and gets caught. It’s starting to be as formulaic as 2+2=4. Now all he has to do is tearfully confess while his wife stands silent and sour-faced in the background, and pack himself off to one of those “Pray away the gay!” rehab camps.

I’ve seen a lot of “Well, his wife is a porker, that action was probably getting stale!”-type comments. As a size 20 heifer myself, it’s certainly not my place to make fat jokes. However, I will say that she has the sad, self-defeated look of a woman whose prom date turned out to be more interested in the Homecoming King than in her. She’s probably been walking in on her SOs indulging in the love that dare not speak its name since she was in high school.

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