holy joe!

More! I can still see the hypocrisy and self-loathing!!Senator Joseph “Droopy Dog” Lieberman (I-CN) has criticized Pastor John Hagee for calling Hitler a “hunter sent from God to drive the Jews back to Israel” (well, except for the 6 million or so that Hitler killed in the process — God didn’t want them to live in Israel, I guess), a statement that made McSame finally reject his endorsement. Hagee: “You can’t fire me, I quit!”

However, that won’t stop Joe from hanging out with Hagee and a bunch of his minions at their big revival meeting — or whatever the hell the deceptively innocuously-named “Christians United for Israel” really is — in July.

I bet he wouldn’t dare do this if his mother was still alive. Can you imagine the sheer tonnage of disaproval that a Jewish mother could generate towards a son whose friend is kind of a fan of Hitler? That would make for some awkward Thanksgiving dinners.


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