B&W with wide angle: Plaquemines Parish, LA

The end of LA-23 past the town of Venice:

Dead cypress trees

Plaquemines Parish courthouse in Point a la Hache. This burned down in the 1990s and they’re finally re-building it.

Plaquemines parish courthouse

The clock tower of the courthouse:

Plaquemines Parish courthouse

Harlem Plantation:

Harlem Plantation

From the other side:

Harlem Plantation

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Diana F+: Lafourche Parish and Grand Isle, LA

Flooded cemetery

Open tomb

Lafourche Parish

Be a patron of the arts like a badass Renaissance prince

Kodak Ektar in the Smena 8M, various locations

Washington City Cemetery:

Washington City Cemetery

Old church in Washington, double exposure:

Old church, double exposure

Abandoned train depot in Lettsworth:

Lettsworth, LA

Abandoned building, East Louisiana State Hospital:

East Louisiana State Hospital

Same location:

East Louisiana State Hospital

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Black & white, various locations

Train depot at Lettsworth:

Lettsworth train depot

Flooded cemetery in Grand Isle:

Flooded cemetery

East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson:

East Louisiana State Hospital

Same location:

East Louisiana State Hospital

Abandoned church near Jackson:

Abandoned church



Also Lettsworth (there are a lot of abandoned buildings there):


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Sabine Pass Light (Diana F+)

So, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that abandoned lighthouses (at least in Louisiana) are my photography white whale. They are very hard to get close enough to to take a good photograph, because since the Gulf coast is always changing, they tend to very quickly become cut off from land access. I’ve tried to photograph this particular lighthouse, which is right on the southwest Louisiana/southeast Texas border, a couple of times.

Well, a couple of months ago I found out by chance—from a Yelp review, of all things—that Cheniere Energy, which owns the land that the lighthouse is on, has made their “road” (really just a pair of tire ruts) out to it open to the public. I checked in with the security shack at the entrance, showed a photo ID, and was escorted to the gate at the start of the road. I was told not to photograph the energy facility and to be sure I checked with security when I left, but allowed to proceed down the road unaccompanied.

I took a lot of photos from a distance, because I kept thinking this road is going to run out, this is probably the closest I’ll get; then I’d get back in my car and keep going. Turns out I was able to drive pretty close, to about ¼ of a mile away from the lighthouse, then I was able to walk most of the rest of the way. There’s water surrounding it and you can’t get close enough to touch it, but I was able to take photos from close enough that it filled the frame.

I had really good weather for it, it was warm but not hot that day, and not too humid. A member of the Facebook group that I help mod (Abandoned Louisiana) went the next weekend and said they were eaten alive by mosquitoes, but I made it out with just a couple of bites. Also it hadn’t rained in a few weeks, so I was able to drive my Nissan (which does NOT have four wheel drive) down a dirt track without risk of getting mired. So yay, that’s one more thing I can cross off my photography bucket list!

Sabine Pass Light

Sabine Pass Light

Sabine Pass Light

Sabine Pass Light

Sabine Pass Light

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Natchitoches Parish, LA

I went up to Natchitoches the Saturday after Thanksgiving to go to a local crafts show at the events center. I didn’t find anything I really felt the desire to spend money on–for some reason, it seemed like half the vendors were selling handmade bath bombs, which is… kind of a dated trend?–but I don’t count it as a wasted trip, as there were some things in the parish I’ve been wanting to photograph. (I’ve already photographed the town). As always, these are cell phone shots and film shots will follow when I finish shooting the roll and get them developed.

Slave cabins at Magnolia Plantation:

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation

St. Augustine, which was built by free black planters who sat in the front pews ahead of white parishioners (decades before the Civil War):

St. Augustine

Bay Springs Cemetery, which had another grave house:

Bay Springs Cemetery

Bay Springs Cemetery

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Galveston, Texas: B&W in Ultra Wide & Slim

Old City Cemetery

Bolivar Peninsula

Sacred Heart

Bolivar Point Lighthouse

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